Control Methods

Moles can be controlled by one of the following tried and tested methods:-


The use of approved humane spring traps, skilfully set (That’s where we come in!) are an excellent method of control. Whilst set, children, heavy dogs and livestock must be kept away otherwise the traps will be sprung or damaged rendering them useless.
Although some clients are squeamish about employing this method of control, they do see a body for their money and this is the only method of control that can give them that. This way they can see that the job has been done and that the pest has been caught and removed.


Poisoning of moles using strychnine and worm bait is a good cost effective method of control. It’s use is severely restricted and it can only be used subject to prior permission having been granted by the local ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food by specially trained operators. It cannot and shouldn’t be used or offered for use in gardens.


Moles can be gassed using aluminium phosphide tablets which liberate phosphine gas upon contact with moisture. This method of control can only be carried out by specifically trained operators. This method of control is expensive and reliant on its success upon a moderate moisture content in the soil. It gives sporadic results especially in summer when the soil is dry.
We cannot give guarantees against re-infestation for obvious reasons.

Other methods of control

Using smoke bombs to deter moles can be expensive, at best the effects are very temporary.
They merely make the householder feel like he or she is doing something about the problem in hand. In the presence of unpleasant substances, moles can block their runs therefore avoiding contact with the smoke defeating the whole time consuming exercise. Materials such as moth balls or diesel oil do not have approval and must not be used as repellents.
Battery powered units (costing between 25 and 45 each) and wind powered devices "producing vibrations in he soil " are claimed (not by us!) to act as mole deterrents.
The available information coupled with my personal experience with these miracle devices suggest that they are not effective and are unlikely to eliminate moles from problem areas.